Where Does All The Paper Go?

If I’m not doing anything responsible or lying on my couch watching movies, I’m usually out looking for bits of paper. I look for them in many different forms. I look for paper to make into things I find at thrift stores. I buy books and random pieces of ephemera. Often I look through trashcans on campus or walking down the street. I take my findings from my car and place it on the steps leading upstairs in my house. Slowly but surely it becomes repurposed. Sometimes it gets scanned and sometimes it’s made into a collages and then mailed somewhere in the world. When it leaves my possession there’s rarely a trace of the thing. I scan all of my collages now but when I see them on other peoples’ blogs or through Facebook I think of them of ghosts…just a representation.

I always wonder where the collages truly end up going after I mail it to a stranger on the other side of the world.Seriously, does it end up in protective plastic, behind glass, in a milk carton, or in the trash?I imagine t…

30 Collages Made in 2018 Book

I was listening to a podcast when one of the guests said something about Chat Books. They said they print off all of their Instagram pics into a book that way they have a record of taking the pictures. While this isn’t a new idea, I decided to check it out. Only this year have I started to scan all of the collages I send to folks. I scan and then add them to a folder on my computer. From there I make them into all types of other things, most notably Xeroxed broadsides. I reused the images over and over, put them into different contexts, and mail them out again. It’s a practical process. For the first book I made I put a bunch of these collages for about forty dollars. I accidently made two of these. I got the book back and was immediately impressed. Like an idiot I begin thinking about how I could use this to make other stuff besides simply keeping a record of old work.  The first thought was to make a book of collages, just some of my favorites, and see if people were interested. Than…

Give It Up, Turn It Loose

Most of my “makings” happen upstairs. I make them after Misty goes to sleep or I make them on the weekends. I only have certain hours I can make things. I often feel like I’m stealing time in order to be up there. Often I have to tiptoe around. I leave moving things for the weekends when I can be loud. The best days are the ones where I have things going on all over the house. I’m putting things in envelopes upstairs, having stuff drying on the main floor, and I’m spray-painting outside. Throughout the week these items will filter through the next process of being packaged and then mailed. Sometimes I spend one of my productive days scanning. Sometimes I’m marking all of the pieces of mail I receive and then putting it in binders or in plastic containers. Things are constantly moving around. At work I take many of these parts and make them into other things. Stuff that I scanned upstairs for hours ends up becoming add and passes. Many of my collages end up as broadsides that I print i…

Recent Work - Images and Words

Someone recently wrote that I was “prolific” in my mail-art making. While I kind of agree with this, I don’t completely agree. I think there’s a lot more I could be doing, more projects that I can accomplish. At work I like to nibble away at ADD AND PASS sheets, at home and upstairs I work on my collages, and in the basement I spray-paint the collaborative books. I guess it seems like a lot when I try and write it all down in one place even if I feel like I’m not able to make things all that often. Maybe I send too much shit. Anyway, the focus of this post is on the collage work, the stuff I agonize about…the stuff that really is the focus of my makings. The collages matter the most to me, they’re the raw materials that I build everything out of. I’m going to share a little bit about these, how I made them, and what separates them from other projects for no particular reason.

This year I discovered spray-paint. It seems like it took a long time for me to figure out the joys of instant…

Kolaj Fest New Orleans

I’d seen a few things going around the interwebs about Kolaj Fest in New Orleans. I looked through the lineup of events and thought it looked cool. Kolaj Magazine was the main sponsor of the event, a magazine that I’d purchased before and liked. More than a few friends’ work has graced their pages. Since we were taking the week off to go to Nashville for a conference, we impulsively decided to add New Orleans and the four day conference to the end of our trip. I bought a ticket and booked a hotel we liked in the city.
Misty and I got in late on the first day, missing the “meet and greet.” After and eight hour drive from Nashville, I wasn’t up to scurry across town and talk with strangers. I was at the official meeting spot the next morning at 10am. It was at The Istanbul CafĂ© on St. Claude, a street I don’t think I’d been on before. Whenever I go to New Orleans I seem to unlock another section of the city. I decided to walk there from my hotel, going down Decatur Street, across French…

I Made Seven Inch Covers for Cactus Black

I say yes to any creative assignment people are interested in me doing. Don’t worry, it’s not a lot of work, rarely do people ask anything of me. Namely I’m talking about people outside of the mail-art network. Mostly these folks are friends who want a collage of their loved one or something for their own creative projects. They’re always poor working creative types too, so rarely do I expect anything out of them. In other words, they don’t pay. It’s a punk rock I’ll help you out if you help me out sort of thing. If I like the person and I like the project, I’ll not only say yes, but I’ll take on the project with glee. Doing something I wouldn’t normally do makes me have to problem solve; it increases my vocabulary for making trashy collages. Plus, I get to collaborate with people in my area (mostly) which is exciting.

Mike Tyson is one of those dudes, a guy that makes good music and is a nice hang. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time in backyards talking about music with him. A coup…

I Have a PO BOX

Jon Wayne
PO Box 1045
Lexington NC 27293
There’s no reason for me to start another outlet to send mail-art. Not that I send too much or too little, I just have too many things in the air at once. Right now I have a few collaborative projects going; I have regular correspondence, and things that I send to friends. Adding another avenue to my “makings” seems like a bad idea. Why not focus more on one of the other things instead. You know, finish a project or elaborate on an existing one.

I’ve been thinking about setting up a PO Box for some time. There’s the usual worry of lunatics finding your address and sending you something they shouldn’t. Thankfully I haven’t had to worry about that, over the past six or seven years people have been respectful that I use my home address. Although it’s a worry, that’s not my main reason for setting up a PO Box. Over the years I’ve wanted to take risks in what I mail to people. I have no interest in disturbing or upsetting someone, but the anonymity …