Monday, July 28, 2014

Mail Art Show at Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem NC)

Some time ago, the fine folks at Asolare Fine Arts Foundation in Davidson County North Carolina expressed interest in doing a mail-art show. About a month ago, Jim Moon and John Chapman showed up to my house, and the three of us when through all of the things I’ve collected over the years.
They ended up taking around 150-200 postcards including a couple collaborative books. Just today, Misty and I went to the Wake Forest University (in Winston-Salem NC) library to see what they’ve done with the collection. It was behind glass just through the main back entrance of the library. The two of us actually walked past the collection without even realizing what we had done. The library is nice, by the way. Jim and John made the collection look amazing, super amazing, a lot better than in plastic bins in my back room. I didn’t realize how many things I actually had until I saw them displayed so nicely
While we were looking over the collection and taking pictures, ten or fifteen people streamed through the back door and past the cards. In the month or so the collection is up, I imagine thousands of college students, faculty, and staff will stream past. Good students too, nice young people from the northeast trying to beat the exorbitant prices of their local schools. Hopefully a few of them will take the time and check out the collection, maybe make something and then send it along.
Thanks so much to the fine folks at Asolare Fine Arts Foundation for putting this together. Special thanks to the dozens of mail-art friends (if you’ve mailed me then you’re in the show) that have sent me things over the years, I hope you dig the images.
PS – I counted one very public “BULLSHIT” on one of the cards.

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