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Collab Book with Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk UK)


About Making "Fart Cards"

My summer was mail-art productive. I spent a lot of time making “larger” things that I sent out mostly friends. Some of them said some nice things and some of them said nothing, no worries, to make was the goal. The summer is now over for me that I’m back in school. Time is something that I have to steal. When I have little pockets of time I take out the materials and create something. This pattern will happen throughout the semester and more often on the weekends. It’s times like these that I wish I had a spot to go to, a place where everything was set up- a place where I could just find myself working without any or much effort. Soon this will become a reality, but until then I have to make do with the well-worn Ikea coffee table in the living room. Mail-art sent to other mail-artists has completely slowed at this point. I only count mail-art as “official mail-art” (in the yearly count) when it’s sent out to people in the network. Rarely do my friends send me stuff, so I don’t cou…

Summer Work Assesment

I was a little too ambitious this summer. I didn’t get through all of the things I set out to. Most notably, I didn’t get any music done, like none at all. For the past three years I’ve had a nice selection of “songs” to send out into the world. No big deal, I’ll just add to the twenty or so I finished before the summer started. If I remember correctly, I made up this list in the last week of school, right before everything slowed down. If I only had another week or so I’d be able to work through a number of these items…not too bad though, not too bad.