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One on One Pamphlet with Amy Irwen (Rosemount MN)


Caroline and Eric And..."Me" in Los Angeles

I was starting hour two of a mandated work meeting (the first of two meetings for the day) when Eric and Caroline sent me this image from Los Angeles. It came at the absolute perfect time. The picture was the charge that I needed to get through the next few hours of spotty team building exercises and mandated informal discussions. It’s nice to see them reacting to the thing I created with the sole purpose of making them laugh. These things don’t take all that long to make, or that much money, but they do take both. In the back and forth texting I insisted that they put the image in the toilet for “those difficult stools.” Of course I’m going to make something out of the above image, of course I am, already printed it off. Anyway, it’s nice to see people smiling because of something I created. The gesture made my day.

Ever Wonder How A Family Heirloom Becomes Mail-Art in Finland?

What you’re looking at here is a delightful collage piece from the wonderful and talented Amy Irwen who lives in Rosemount Minnesota USA. She’s consistently amazing, a mail-art coconspirator many times over. She sent this piece to another awe inspiring artist from Petsmo Finland named, Carina Granlund. I cannot write how many ideas I have blatantly taken from these two women over the years. What I’m doing here is tracing the movement of those yellowed cowboy images in the back of the collage. I often send packages of paper and bits of ephemera to other mail-artists. Those two images were in one of those packages I sent to Amy a few months ago. Every time I send something like this I have the expectation that people are going to repurpose the gift. I want them to add the bits of paper to another collage. I want them to cut things up and move them around the world. It’s a nice feeling seeing those items pop up in people’s work. So often the images I get are taken from my constant thri…