Saturday, May 28, 2016

Erni in Germany is Happy and Quite Literal

So…I made a sticker that reads “So You Throw This Away.” Periodically I’ll attach this sticker to random bits of mail-art. I made it because I thought it was funny but I didn’t think anyone would take it literally. Well, maybe they’d throw the card away eventually, but not immediately. Erni Barr in Germany took this literally and posted the evidence on his blog. It was too funny not to share.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bunny Board from Allan Bealy (NYC)

The first bunny board has made its way back home and it comes from the great Allan Bealy in New York City. I knew Allan would do great things and he surely did. His placement of objects is superb. I can’t wait to get this in a frame and hang it proudly. Hopefully it’ll be joined by others very soon. (Oh, as a recap, I created two collages with a bunny on top, mailed those collages to whoever was interested, they filled in the rest, and then sent me one back. They kept whichever they wanted to.)
It seems that this project has been quite a success based on the amount of people that were interested in it. Unfortunately I had a couple of folks say they were interested after I sent out the second round. With a move coming up and a big trip, I worried that things would get lost in the mix, maybe they’d be sent to the wrong address and I’d never see them again. I didn’t want to potentially waste anyone’s creativity.
The first round was completely uniform; every single one of them looked the same. The second round was a little different. I used recycle book covers for each one, which means they’re sizes are slightly off. I also used a lot of color, where the first round was completely black and white. Now I have to wait and see if they come back home. I’m looking forward to what folks are going to do with the project.
FIRST ROUND - Lynn Britton Radford (PA, USA) Moan Lisa (IA, USA) Allan Bealy (NY, NY) E Ambassadeur d'Utopia (Givry, FR) Erinn S Young (Innisfil, CN) Mary Crockett (W-S, USA) Debbie Brown Foster (Lexington, USA)
SECOND ROUND - Terry Owenby (Portland, OR) Kotun Viktor (Budapest, Hungary) Michael Slawter (W-S, USA) Vizma Bruns (Waitpinga, Australia) and Sarah Waldon (Smethwick, UK).

Thoughts on the Summer Makings Process

I’ve been productive this summer. Normally I wake up around eight o’clock and put on the coffee. I watch twenty minutes of online videos,...