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I've Sent Mail to Stef for 20 Years

Before I sent mail-art I sent mail. I sent a lot of mail and for many years. I mostly sent to my closest friends. Sometimes those items would be simple greeting cards and other times they’d be slightly modified postcards. For almost all of my trips of any length I’d send out simple postcards. (This activity came from my great aunt who sent me cards for years) If the trips were longer than a week or two, I carried a notebook that I would write about the day’s events. I’d stick random ephemera on the front and back covers. In every one of those books I’d have a page dedicated to addresses. From the road I’d send postcards to friends and family with strange messages on them. I’d keep count of how many I sent to each person as I went along. This sort of “counting” continues today with friends and family as well as my mail-art correspondents.
All of this started pretty early, around 2000, maybe a little earlier. This means that some of my oldest friends have received strange mail from me f…

All My Mail Art Movies


My Failed 2005 Mail Art Mission

The first time I ever heard about mail-art was from the movie How to Draw a Bunny. I was so excited that I took to the internet to find out more. It is there that I discovered IUOMA, the first time. This was 2005. I distinctly remember asking folks if they wanted to share creations through the mail with me. A couple of folks said yes. I don’t think I ever sent anything to my friends. In my hastiness, I did set up an account on IUOMA and asked folks if they wanted to share with me. I got two things in the mail. I didn’t send them anything. Not getting things back from people is going to happen. It happens a lot. If you send out blankly to strangers there’s not a great chance you’re going to get things back. When I do one on one collaborations I expect about half of them to come back. When I do add and passes I’m thrilled if any of them come home. When I send things blindly to folks I get a response about half of the time. In order to keep all of this straight I keep meticulous notes …