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Richard Canard Super Storage Unit Mission Part 2 - Charlotte NC Edition

Out of the blue I got a message or piece of mail art (I cannot remember) asking if I’d be interested in a task. I love tasks! The task involved super guy Richard Canard, so I said yes, immediately. That man has been supportive of my mail-art efforts since day one, I think the second or third thing I ever received was from him. Over the years I’ve even had the chance to spend some time with him. The first meeting was over coffee in Winston-Salem and the other was at his storage space in Thomasville North Carolina. The latter was to clear out a few things.(I wrote about it here I left with not only a lot of great stories but collage supplies as well as original artworks from him. My car was full of things. So yes, I was in.

Marla Kittler (aka Lucky Pierre) who currently resides in Charleston South Carolina was spearheading this endeavor to help Richard out, thus her initial message. It seems that …

Messing With Len Using the Suggestive Forces of Mail Art

I ended up selling 24 “I Learned Nothing from Jon Foster” T-shirts. I had a few others that I gave to people. James and Jon charged me 10 dollars to have each shirt made. I charged 10 dollars for each shirt I could hand deliver. With each of those packages I added a few items like stickers. They all came wrapped in a manila envelope. It was a project so I didn’t mind that I was not making any money and that I was technically losing it. Seeing people post pictures of them in their shirts made the project worthwhile. For people out of town I charged 15 dollars, the extra five was just for the postage. Here I made a few dollars. Smaller folks I made about two and half dollars on their package. People ordering XL’s cost a little more so I made less, about a dollar on their package. Overall I may have made eight or nine dollars on shipping t-shirts not counting, the packaging, the stickers I put inside, or the time I spent making them. Once again, worth it to see the shirts appear online a…