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Trashy Collages in Government Buildings

Whenever something pops up related to mail-art or bigger pieces or commissions or whatever, I almost always say yes. In the past this has come in the form of artwork for records, mail-art collaborations, and random meetings to “discuss things.” Some of those things fall through and others happen, but I don’t know what’s going to happen if I don’t say yes in the first place. My assumption is that I need the practice and why the fuck not? Saying no isn’t productive. Saying no means something isn’t being made. Saying no means that I’m not crossing paths with new people. Since I don’t get asked to do these sorts of things that often, I can easily say “yes” to all of them. That’s my goal…say “yes.” A few weeks ago an email went out to faculty and staff and students about an on-campus art show. At first I was dismissive, not interested in the least, I couldn’t imagine who would care about anything that I have created. It didn’t feel like my scene. And then that voice started to creep into m…