Friday, June 30, 2017

Upstairs Fun-Space a Year Later

Misty and I have now been in the house for a whole year, just a little over. After getting everything into the house the project I spent the most time on was the upstairs. I wanted it to be the place where I went to work or to simply talk to myself. It was going to be my space. I wanted it to be creative and warm. I wanted it to be a type of a sanctuary.

Over the past year it has become just that. I spend a lot of time up there working on things. Since I have the space I constantly have multiple projects going at once, something I couldn’t do when we were in the apartment. There’s always something to work on, something to finish, or something new to play around with. The walls have even become a type of collage to constantly add to and take away.

During the school year I would sneak up there after Misty went to sleep, sit in one spot and try and be as quiet as I possibly could. The radio is always on, I like to play “colorful” music to get the brain-juices going. On weekends I’d thrash around there as long and as loudly as I could. When the mood would strike I’d go up there right after work to execute a plan I came up with during the day. In summer, most mornings, I spend hours making trashy collages and doing loads of clerical (more on this later) mail art work. I still need a name for the space.

My only complaints are that it gets a little too hot (my mobile air unit doesn’t work that well) and the stairs are loud when I’m trying to sneak down while Misty is sleeping. A sink would be nice and so would a toilet, I’m sure I’ll add a refrigerator at some point. I’d also like it if the overhead light worked constantly.

The image on the left is from a year ago (obviously) and the one on the right was taken this morning.
Where the vast majority of the magic happens.

The add and pass books are here, along with letter stickers and thrift store paper.

The entrance.

The big archive and materials storage space.

Where "in progress" things are housed.

Made By Richard Canard, For Alex Cheek, Found By Jon Foster

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