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Upstairs Fun-Space a Year Later

Misty and I have now been in the house for a whole year, just a little over. After getting everything into the house the project I spent the most time on was the upstairs. I wanted it to be the place where I went to work or to simply talk to myself. It was going to be my space. I wanted it to be creative and warm. I wanted it to be a type of a sanctuary.
Over the past year it has become just that. I spend a lot of time up there working on things. Since I have the space I constantly have multiple projects going at once, something I couldn’t do when we were in the apartment. There’s always something to work on, something to finish, or something new to play around with. The walls have even become a type of collage to constantly add to and take away.
During the school year I would sneak up there after Misty went to sleep, sit in one spot and try and be as quiet as I possibly could. The radio is always on, I like to play “colorful” music to get the brain-juices going. On weekends I’d thras…