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Four X Four Add And Passes

I find myself awash in Add and Passes. For years I didn’t do them, but I’ve recently relaxed that position and find myself making a lot, and adding to a lot. Some mail-artists hate them. I once was that person that dreaded seeing them show up in the mail. I imagine that my archives from the first few years are filled with un-passed-on (I know that’s bad) Add and Passes.

Part of the reason I wasn’t a big fan is that I’d look at them and have no idea what to add. When I see a blank page I’ve filled with possibilities. I can put something over there or over here. I can add color; I can add an image, or a stamp. When I get piece of paper that’s full of stuff I don’t know what to do. It’s just too much, I feel overwhelmed. I don’t want to completely cover someone else’s work but I want mine to stick out. It doesn’t seem like a proper negotiation. One side note, when they’re filled up they look like “mud.” You know that feeling when you start to put too much on a surface without letting the…