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Fame Makes a Man Take Things Over

I was waiting for the first official work meeting of the semester to start when Jo came up to me and asked, “Has Antoinette gotten in touch with you yet?” I thought it was a student. “No,” I said. “It’s a lady that works at the Dispatch. She asked me if I knew any ‘artists’ and I gave her your name and information. She’s going to be in touch with you.” When the three hour long meeting was over I walked back to my office and checked Facebook. I received a message from someone named Antoinette. I immediately texted her back and a few messages later we had an interview set up for Saturday morning. It’s weird getting ready for an interview. You’re not really sure what someone is going to ask of you or how it’s going to come across on the page. Not like I have a lot of experience at such things, only one time before have I been quoted in print. The first time I was interviewed was for the Tucker project and everything came out quite nicely, no worries or annoyances. The main difference fro…

New Year...Making Goals

I know that as every year passes, I tend to send more and more pieces. I have at least five or six different types of projects going at one time. When I started making mail-art I only made postcards. I created the postcard and then I mailed them. Things have become intensely compartmentalized and creating new things is only one aspect of my mail-art activities. I scan a lot of stuff. I print a lot of stuff. I facilitate ongoing projects that need special attention. I make bigger work. I make collaborative books that I collect, spray-paint, and then add a bunch of garbage to. I never made a conscious effort to add new things to my repertoire it just happened over time.  I’m not sure that my 2017 mail-art tally tells me all that much. At best it gives me a ballpark figure of the things I’ve mailed. I only count things sent to mail-art friends in the 384. Things sent to people in my day to day life, don’t get a mark. Maybe I do this because I don’t expect to get something in the mail from…