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Kolaj Fest New Orleans

I’d seen a few things going around the interwebs about Kolaj Fest in New Orleans. I looked through the lineup of events and thought it looked cool. Kolaj Magazine was the main sponsor of the event, a magazine that I’d purchased before and liked. More than a few friends’ work has graced their pages. Since we were taking the week off to go to Nashville for a conference, we impulsively decided to add New Orleans and the four day conference to the end of our trip. I bought a ticket and booked a hotel we liked in the city.
Misty and I got in late on the first day, missing the “meet and greet.” After and eight hour drive from Nashville, I wasn’t up to scurry across town and talk with strangers. I was at the official meeting spot the next morning at 10am. It was at The Istanbul CafĂ© on St. Claude, a street I don’t think I’d been on before. Whenever I go to New Orleans I seem to unlock another section of the city. I decided to walk there from my hotel, going down Decatur Street, across French…