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Recent Work - Images and Words

Someone recently wrote that I was “prolific” in my mail-art making. While I kind of agree with this, I don’t completely agree. I think there’s a lot more I could be doing, more projects that I can accomplish. At work I like to nibble away at ADD AND PASS sheets, at home and upstairs I work on my collages, and in the basement I spray-paint the collaborative books. I guess it seems like a lot when I try and write it all down in one place even if I feel like I’m not able to make things all that often. Maybe I send too much shit. Anyway, the focus of this post is on the collage work, the stuff I agonize about…the stuff that really is the focus of my makings. The collages matter the most to me, they’re the raw materials that I build everything out of. I’m going to share a little bit about these, how I made them, and what separates them from other projects for no particular reason.

This year I discovered spray-paint. It seems like it took a long time for me to figure out the joys of instant…