Monday, May 2, 2022

How Many Collages of Ringo Starr is Enough?

Ringo has always annoyed me and I don’t know why? There’s just something about him. I don’t have problems with his drumming or what I know about him personally. He has an idiosyncratic but interesting way of playing. Compared to his band-mates, you can’t look at his personal life and call him a “dirt bag” like you can the rest. But…he is a bad singer! If he sings lead on a Beatles song, I always fast-forward though it, but he doesn’t have enough songs on record for that to be my main problem with him. The other Beatles knew he wasn’t a singer or a songwriter…they knew it. We all know it.

My annoyance with Ringo grew over the years. My annoyance has been well documented. That annoyance thawed whenever I watched the 78 hour Hulu documentary a few months back. It showed him as kind and compassionate. He was there for everyone. He was funny without being constantly annoying like John. John tried way too hard. Ringo got to the sessions on time and listened. It was clear that Ringo wasn’t the problem.

I first made stickers as a way to formally (I guess that’s formal) apologize to the man. I’m not sure if he saw them. When I started playing around with sticky tape and paper for collages, I noticed a book of Beatles pictures in the corner of my upstairs room. I ripped out all of the Ringo images I could find and started folding him into my collage work. Although I was kind of honoring the man with my collages, I still felt inclined to take small jabs at him. If I know anything about Ringo, I think he could take it. I think he might even join in. I’m sure he’d toss up a peace sign. But yeah, it’s fair to say he truly knows nothing about cephalopods.


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