A Mail-Art Secret Santa

A coworker came by a week ago and asked if I would like to participate in Secret Santa. I’m not much of a participator in things, but she was quite persistent in getting people involved. I drew my name and then put the little list of likes and what not on the side of my desk. Once my work was finished, and I started to think about the weekend, I started to get some ideas about making something…since making something was an option. Later that day I had the idea to make a box of cards that someone could send off.
I found the box at a Lexington thrift shop. On Saturday I made a large batch of cards postage included, along with a cardboard piece that she would see as she opened the box. I stuck in a couple of pens and placed a layer of paper in the bottom, for color. Then I stamped some paper in no particular fashion and wrapped the box up. The whole project was fun. I need to make some more of these. I hope she likes it.


Anonymous said…
I think that's a great gift! And I like that you included everything needed so there's nothing holding back the recipient from sending them out right away.
zzzzzzzz said…
Thank you so much for saying that, I thought it was a good idea, one that I'm sure I've stolen somehow. I hope she sends all of them out instead of holding on to the item.
Anonymous said…
Getting people to actually *use* things you've made for them is so difficult sometimes!