China Zine Review in a Zine (Ken B.)

Not only do I send things through IUOMA, but I've also joined a zine trading blog. I've had a hard time connecting with people on the zine site. Some folks have been supportive and nice and wonderfully, especially the guy who's review I have a picture of here. I think he was the first person to send me a zine out of the whole community? He's sent me his work (two zines at this point) which is really good, and has even put a short review of my China zine in his newest edition. More than anything, I like the inefficient way we're exchanging information. In most circles, he would simply respond to a blog post and that would be in. Instead, I send him something in paper; he makes his own paper something, and reviews my paper something. The whole process takes time, money, and more importantly thought. I've enjoyed the exchange as well as the review. Thanks, guy! Sorry about the font size, I was trying to keep cost down by using less paper. Also, I have no idea why your copy didn't come properly put together with staples and what not.