Sent to Iowa (Mona Lisa)

Ever since I started messing around with putting tape on paper and pulling, I've been associated as "that guy." It's nice having a simple style, but it's also nice to make a new type of thing...not related to the "tape thing." Honestly, I love the tape process, it's fun and it often produces some great results, although similar looking results. A couple weeks ago I decided to completely do away with the old technique and try something new. I did a few of these number collages made with stickers, really trying to make it look all early 20th century, as well as some all over the place sticker collages that haven't surfaced, and a couple collages made from bits of tape involved. It was a liberating day, something that I want to do again. I'll continue to come back to tape and rip method. Hopefully some more of these things show up so fellow mail-art people can give some guidance. This weekend I'm going to start my stockpile of "bigger pieces" that I'll either show, or mail out to...whoever.