Sent to Susanna L. (Germany)

I’m not sure what got me started making larger pieces, but I’ve been doing that for a while. This particular item was sent to a mail-art friend in Germany, one of the first larger items I sent out. At this point I’ve mailed larger pieces to the Netherlands, Finland, France, Germany, and of course Iowa. Currently I’m stockpiling some of these to hopefully do something a bit more “formal” with them. If nothing happens, then I’ll mail all of them out, or not. Maybe I should actually keep something? Like all of my items, I make them in bulk. When I’m making postcard sized things, I make them five or six at a time so you get a little overlap. When I make the larger items, this one being 10 x 12 inches, I make them two at a time. I guess you could say that this item was the left portion. What connected the two images was a picture of JFK and John-John. This image got John-John and the other got JFK. I have no idea who has the other side? I mixed all of this Time Magazine stuff with a bunch of Boys Life Magazine images. You may be able to say that I even have a message in here, or at least something coming close to it, although that was never really my purpose.