Sent to Australia (Vizma Bruns) and Alabama (Stephanie Blake)

I sent this to a mail art friend in Australia. It's one of the "bigger pieces" that I've started to churn out lately. I have a stockpile of these now!
This was one of many card that I made at one time. I liked this one and intentionally sent it to Stephanie, assuming that she would like it. It was kind of liberating not using the whole space...there's some room for the images to breath, which is not something I always do.


Anonymous said…
So funny, I recognized that flying man immediately because I used him in some art a while back:

From the same book, it looks like - Childcraft. :)

And I know what you mean about leaving breathing room. It's surprisingly hard to do. There's this urge to only know it's finished when every bit is covered.