Sent to David Wainer (Winston Salem NC)

This past week I’ve been making a lot of things. I’ve been more than productive in my short time off from work. Not only have I sent things to IUOMA people, but I’ve mailed a lot of things to friends, which isn’t something I always think to do. Sure they end up getting postcards whenever I go on trips but I don’t always make mail-art like things to send to them. I don’t even count the ones I send to friends in my total mail-art tally, simply because I don’t expect them to send anything back. One of the cards I sent to a friend across town, maybe two miles away from where I live and he did something I’ve heard a couple of people doing before, he tried opening the card. He posted an image of the card and then I asked him to send an image of the destroyed card. I can only wonder how many people actually tear them up when they first receive them?


I don't tear mine up...i love the collages you sned..