Zine Review Number 2

I have made and sent out two zines. One zine was about my trip to China and the other about Misty and I’s trip out west. They’re nothing great, just an account of what happened, some thoughts, some feelings. They’re quite predictable travelogues, but that’s the idea. I wrote them because I could. I ended up sending forty or fifty zines to people all over the globe, not to mention sending them to friends and family. I doubt most people read the thing, but I heard some nice things from a few people, most of them half-way across the world. Of close friends and family I think three people made their whole way through the whole thing. It’s just part of it, you make the thing to make the thing, not expecting anyone to care about what you made or even pay attention to it…read it, or look at it past a couple minutes. I sent both zines to a zine maker in New York and he had the following to say in his own zine. I think it’s a good review? I guess he read it, so that’s something. Anyway, it’s nice that someone took the time to comment on something I spent a lot of time working with. I thank him for it.