Sent to Susanna Lakner (Germany)

I’ve written about this a lot, either on this blog or another, maybe I just thought it out loud or right before I went to sleep? It feels like I’ve written about this a lot. Anyway, it makes me insanely happy when someone writes that they like something I’ve created. To me, this is a new feeling. For my whole life I’ve been a Rob Gordon and only recently, in the past three years or so, have I actually started to be a Rob Gordon at the end of Hi Fidelity. In other words, I have a house full of things that other people have created but little that I have created. When I joined IUOMA it started a whole onslaught of creative and silly and creatively silly endeavors that have made me insanely happy. Sure I get a little annoyed when I never get something back from someone, but that’s just part of it. I know that I send mail-art, zines, and terrible music because I enjoy the process of creation and not great praise. I’m a garage band creator, just making my own sound because that’s what I like doing…no aspirations. Last week the great and immensely more talented than me Susanna Lakner, ( posted an image (the one on this blog) of a couple collages I’ve sent her. They look nice there on the shelf, a shelf in Germany. That’s another thing; I can make something on my almost completely fucked IKEA coffee table and then mail it to Stuttgart Germany to someone seemingly excited about it. That interaction is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. Not only do people in Germany have my things, but so do people all over Western Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, and even South Africa. Still waiting to send something to North Dakota but no one really lives there. It’s a wonderful network. Go and check out Susanna’s work, it’s something else. Sometimes I see her things and say to myself, “I’m stealing that idea” and then I do.


Carmela said…
Hi Jon
Thanks for sharing your love and appreciation for the creative process. Sending out mail art allows its voice to be heard by others and I think that your work is very creative. So I hope to receive more from you.
Karen Isaacson said…
Not true - I just met someone from North Dakota that likes mail! here's her blog: