Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Michael Orr to Me and Back Again!

Although I checked a lot of the mail art blogs daily, I don’t always post on them. Every once in a while I’ll write something, but I normally stay in the back, away from what can easily become drama. I like sending stuff so that’s what I do.
I randomly came across an image of Prince from the wonderful mail-artist, Michael Orr. The two of us have sent things back and forth for a while now, maybe a couple of years. I’m not exactly sure where I saw his altered Prince album cover. Maybe it was IUOMA, maybe it was Facebook, or maybe it was Instagram, either way I was immediately reminded that I had the exact record in my backroom. It was a trashed record I found for free at some record store months ago. It was waiting to be reborn into something silly and new and that’s exactly what happened. I made something similar and sent it off to him. He posted the results through IUOMA and there we go a conversation through the mail.
Check out the man’s work at: http://cornpone.tumblr.com/

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