"Trashbook" from Vizma Bruns (Australia)

Most of this summer has been finishing up the “bigger” projects on my list. In other words, I’ve spent more time putting together elaborate packages of zines mixed with CD’s than I have making postcards. I want to make more postcards. I need to make more postcards! Very soon I will get back to making postcards since all of the packages have gone out, or at least most of them have gone out.
My main inspiration is going to be this lovely “trashbook” from Vizma Bruns in Waitpinga Australia. The front and back cover were made from a package that I sent her, so the traveling distance for much of this paper is insane. It’s like a tennis match from far, far away. Not sure if I’m going hit the ball back, this one’s too good to send on. Thank you so much Vizma!


That is so cool --- I love Vizma's work !
zzzzzzzz said…
It is so good, this piece of mail was a very pleasant suprise.
Vizma said…
Thank you very much, you guys!! I'll have to learn how to be a follower of this blog, I can't do it on Pamela's for some reason. Probably my un-techno brain..