Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Updates

I have nothing new to show on this blog. Well, I made a couple big piles of cards and sent them out into the world but I haven’t seen evidence of them landing just yet. They’re out there somewhere even if I’m not too sure where. After the summer of making zines and handmade CD’s I’m ready to get back to making more cards and strange things. Every week I’m going to send out something, anything, just out there.
A few seconds ago I posted something on IUOMA about a few notebooks I sent out into the world. I guess I sent them out there as an “add and pass” scenario. I hoped they’d come back to me but I wasn’t sure it was going to happen. In fact, I’ve only heard about one person receiving the book and that was at least six months ago. It didn’t come home so I figured it was still out there traveling around the world. Hopefully it made it over the water, or one of them made it over the water. One book was quick big, an autograph book that was quite old, the other two were tiny little speckled black and white notebooks, really small things. Not sure what anyone could put in one those, but I wanted to see. Hopefully my little note will grab someone’s attention and send one of them back to me, or at least evidence of it moving around back to me.
I’ve started a new zine. I probably shouldn’t have started another new zine considering how much work the last couple of them ended up being. Well, it wasn’t that much work but it was a little work. This one I put out to close friends to see if they wanted to contribute. It was simply a facebook message backed up with a group updating what’s going on with things. At this point I’ve received six contributions and every single one of them is visual. I wanted some writing in there. I expect I’ll get some writing to flesh out the great images I’ve received. My contribution, which I’m not too sure I’m going to keep, is something I wrote. It’s not that good, although funny, but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to post something I created? Looking to mail this thing out at the start of the New Year.

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