Work Makings...

Every once in a while, things slow down at work so I decide to make the most of my time. Normally I go around to the recycling cans out in the halls and in the faculty workroom and find bits and pieces. There’s nothing better than a school to find a lot of paper sitting around. During the year I even collect interesting bits of paper and put it in a desk drawer, just for one of those “down times.” A few days ago, I had a little downtime and decided to put a few things to a piece of cardboard. This was the creation that came from that boredom…had the glue stick out and everything, working at the desk. I put everything away when I coworker came into my office to chitchat. Looks pretty neat to me, not sure who I’ll mail the thing to? First one to leave a comment will get it.


PamelaArtsinSF said…
Well........I think I'm first. I usually am not up and reading blog posts at 6:30AM but today that makes it my lucky day. Love the collage...that orange is cool. And isn't it fun to find random bits of paper and create something?
zzzzzzzz said…
Wonderful. I will send the item out to you as soon as I make it back out to the post office.

What I liked most about making the piece was doing it from things I found at work and it was fun. Normally, or almost always, I make things with tape so it was refreshing not to use tape.

Anyway, thanks for your interest.

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