An Experiment

There are only a few students that come by and talk with me. I’m not the kind of teacher that people want to spend any more time with me than they have to. Although few, I’ll get a visitor from time to time. More often than not they come around to get me to donate to this or that, some trip they want to go on etc. I give them money, so that’s why they come around, I guess.
Last week a couple students came by to ask if I had anything to donate to their group. The money they make off a silent auction will go to defer costs for their upcoming trip to Japan. Anything I can do to help folks get to the best place on earth, I’ll do. Not sure what they would possibly want of mine, I asked if I could make something. This “something” is what I’ve posted here.
I have no idea if anyone will want the thing, but I’m giving it to them to auction off. I suspect it’ll go for around a million, maybe two dollars. I’ll update what ends up happening to it.


Pretty funny....loved the line about you not being the kind of teacher people want to be around unless they have too....somehow I doubt that...
Planet Susannia said…
Greatwonderfullawesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taidgh Lynch said…
Great, love your art!

By the way I am not a robot.
zzzzzzzz said…
Pamela, I guess I'm a bit scary at work. I really expect a lot out of my students at the same time I get to be as silly as I want. Generally they stay away!

Thank you Susannia!

Thank you Taidgh!

The woman just came over and picked it up. I have a strange interest in seeing how much it goes for, or at all.

Thanks for the support folks.