Mail - Art Stickers

I found these stickers in the shape of North Carolina at the Scrap Exchange more than a few visits ago. The front of them read something about North Carolinians hunting and fishing. It was one of the many random but interesting looking leftovers that seem to populate that wonderful store. I bought a giant stack of them without any reason other than the shape and that it was a sticker. I like stickers!
Not that it was a novel idea, but at some point I decided to do the tape transfer thing on top of the sticker…and it came out pretty well. I made a fun little envelope and then sent them out into the world with a note reading “This is a sticker.” My intention was that people would use them. I sent out seven of these and all of them to Europe.
Of the seven, four of them have surfaced online. One of those was from Susannia Lakner in Germany, who even shared what she did with her sticker, one from Torma Cauli in Hungary, Carina Granlund in Finland, and Catherine Petre in Belgium.


Torma Cauli said…
:-)) Torma Cauli, Hungary !!! :-)
zzzzzzzz said…
I'm so sorry Torma, so sorry...fixing.
K.S. Chambers said…
The Scrap Exchange . . . what a fantastic idea . . . we have many thrift stores in my area, but nothing on the level of the scrap exchange.