Sunday, January 26, 2014

Magnetic Letters Sent Me Mail

For as long as I can remember my aunt has spelled out NOEL in magnetic letters and affixed it to her refrigerator. Maybe it moved around a little bit. When I would come over to her house for Christmas dinner I would change the spelling to LEON. What a great prank, right? I did this every year until this last year when the letters weren’t on the fridge. I went all over the house just so I could mess up the message. Unfortunately I never found NOEL. A few days later I sent my aunt a letter about how disappointed I was.
Last week NOEL sent me a response letter about why he wasn’t around for the holidays. Subsequently the letter is one of my favorite pieces of mail I’ve ever received. Such great stuff.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recent Sends

I feel like I’ve been on a roll with making mail-art. At this point in the year (a really new year) I have finished and mailed 25 different cards. Sitting on my shelf is another 15 cards ready to go out into the world, all I need to do is write in some addresses and boom, and they’re gone. I like some of these images too. I think I’m going to send more to shows. I think I’m going to make more. I think I’m going to send more. I need to send more. These are images of those that have hit their mark from Germany to Georgia. It’s going to be a big mail-art year. As soon as I finish up one of my zines that’s going out too. For some reason I can’t find the time to finish one of the zines, but I will. This week or bust on that project.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The New Book is Called "No Ringo"

It took me well over a year to finish my first collection of collages / mail art book. Less than a week later, maybe the next day, I started working on another book. This one I have a little plan with. I’m trying to work with new techniques, lots of colors, paints, collages, stickers, found images, and general garbage. This book is made out of watercolor paper I purchased at a thrift store some time ago. I brought out the spray-paint last night. Got markers on the thing and a collage contemplating the Barbara Streisand question? I really like that I add a thing or two a night and then leave it alone for a little while. One day I will have my own lair where I can continually have things on the burner, but until then I have something sitting on top of my dresser, ready for more additions.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The First Mail Art of 2014

I started off the New Year by mailing 11 cards. Well, they'll go out tomorrow but I thought it was a more symbolic gesture to put them in the box today. The big 2014 plan is to try and send out more items than I did last year.

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