Mail Art Presentation

At work I’ve been scheduled to present about mail-art to a group of students. Who knows if anyone will show up, but I’m going to say something in front of some for an hour. I’m rather excited about doing this. In order to get students to come listen I’m sure I’ll have to give extra credit or else no one will show up.
Although I don’t have everything lined up, I’ve got a flyer that I’ll hand out to my students about the presentation. I’m also going to make up a bunch of starter packets filled with random bits of material. I did something similar to this for a handful of friends back in the summer, so why not go at it again? I’ve also needed to clean out some of my materials in the backroom for some time. Who knows, maybe someone will actually start sending things if they have some materials to start with.
Part of the purpose of the presentation is the international aspect, actually that’s the whole purpose. Most of my focus will be about the international community that is mail-art. My goal is to have the presentation, pass out some of my original artifacts, and then maybe Skype with some mail artists somewhere else in the world. Who knows what’ll come together but this is my current idea. I have over a month to get things together.