Nostrils - Meatloaf Pants

Another year and another Nostrils record. This year makes three in a row with an EP stuck in there. Last year I went crazy with the bells and whistles, I made shirts and all kinds of shit that put the cost of doing that way too much. The joke isn’t funny enough to justify such expense. Not wanting to spend as much this year I’ve really paired things down. No big packages puffed out with t-shirts and other random nonsense. Meatloaf Pants only comes with the hand packaged CD, and three sticker’s one made by me and the other two by friends.
Although I’m not doing a lot of extra stuff I’m going to try and keep sending these out throughout the year. I’m dropping them off to record stores and I’m going to give extra copies to those that’ll pass them along. The first round is complete, seventy of them, twenty to mail and then the other fifty to hand out later this week. There’s another thirty CD’s that I’ve burnt but haven’t made the packaging for. Two of them are going out of the country so there’s nine dollars between two packages. Who knows, maybe someone will laugh.
Because I’m sending twenty of these out tomorrow, I’m going to have to put off any other mail-art until the start of next month. This wouldn’t be too bad but I’ve got over twenty cards waiting to go and just in my eyesight while sitting in my comfy chair.