First off, this is not one of my pictures. It took me some time to actually find what I was looking for. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to call something you’ve never heard named in public. I went with “old billboard.” The description could have been a lot better.
Thankfully I pass a lot of these in my day to day travels. I look forward to these signs, I enjoy them too much. I doubt this slight infatuation is all that odd. I imagine many like how time and layers have reduced these billboards to an almost perfect canvas. Often I look to recreate something like this with my tape art. However, I think I want to try and duplicate this for larger pieces, pieces that are a little too big to mail. What’s exciting is that I have no idea how to start with this sort of project. Should it start with a certain type of glue and a certain type of paper? I now have a spring quest on my hands.


Susan McAllister said…
In my neighborhood there are phone poles that are popular for posting fliers on. Old ones get ripped off and new ones added and then ripped off. The staples add more texture. I love to stop and look at them. The effect is similar to your old billboard.