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Weekend Makings

I took a bunch of thrift store paintings painted over them, and then did this. I think they came out pretty well. The idea came from a postcard I did earlier in the weekend. The outlines of the heads were in some children’s game from the Dollar Tree. I need to go and buy more of those. I can’t figure out what to do with the eyes and the mouths that with the box.

Things Stuck to Canvas

I’ve always had A.C. Moore’s back over Michael’s in the whole craft store debate. I mean I have a preference for one but I’ve started to wane in my enthusiasm. A few recent trips to Michael’s have confirmed that they often have better sales on random garbage, but A.C. is closer to my house and closer to a record store, so I’ll always go there first. While walking around the other week (40 % off coupon in my hand) I noticed that packages of pre-stretched canvas were on sale. Up until now I’ve bought all paintings and just painted over them if I wanted a canvas, but something called out to me, “why not.” I grabbed a five pack, use my coupon, and then walked out. A little side note here, rarely do I encounter another man in the store. It’s always forty or fifty year old women with “southern haircuts” buying up handfuls of fake flowers or puff pant for t-shirts. Never a dude, sometimes School of the Arts students, one time I had a Kat Lamp sighting. For a while I had one of the blank ca…

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