Work Books

I’m not exactly sure how my “work books” started? When I look back on my first one, I see mostly notes. Towards the end of that book a few doodles start to appear, but mostly notes from meetings and conversations with bored colleagues. And for some other reason, I changed out the book after my first two years as a full time employee. Doing this has now become a tradition. The second book is filled with collages and found images and notes. The third book has even more. More than once I remember sitting at my desk and gluing things in when I was bored or completely stressed out. A few colleagues looked at me a little strangely but no one really said anything.
By the time I got towards the end of my last semester with the third book, I was a little self-conscious. Only one person has said anything slightly off color to me about it. She told me, “Yeah, I used to do that in elementary school to all my notebooks.” It was all in the tone, all in the tone. No worries, she doesn’t work there anymore so I guess I was somewhat right.
I’ve already started working in the fourth book. I’ve put in some color and a few images to get things started. For now I think I’m going to leave the front and back covers a little naked. I’m going to wait to fill up the covers so the books look a little more normal. Maybe they won’t arouse any suspicion if they’re simple looking?
I’ve scanned a few of the more interested pages.