The Evolution of a Collage

I’ve found that making my trashy collages on canvas just doesn’t work. There’s no way I can apply the pressure I need to make sure they’re flat. So I’ve moved on to the artists boards. It seems silly but I don’t know what these are called and I’ve even gone to the store to buy them? Every once in a while I’ll buy old paintings and thrift stores and just work over them-that’s what I’ve done here.
This painting was ninety-nine cents at a Salvation Army in Lexington. It was a brown still life done in the 1970’s and titled “Ruby.” It seemed fitting to keep the original name, which I’ve done. This collage is the biggest one I’ve ever completed and it was quite fun. No discernable faces (sort of) in this one, just tape layer after tape layer, and random magazine rips. The three images are the three stages of completion.