Reclaimed 5 x 7 Collages

I got all of these canvas frames from work. They were throwing out all of this artwork that no one had claimed. As I was looking through the names on the back, I noticed a few people that I had two or three semesters ago. Not to see the work go to waste, I painted over there work and then went to pasting. Some of the items here I’m quite proud of. I find it difficult to get away from peoples’ faces. My face is in there, but it’s mostly Ray Johnson who is always an easy go to. One of these I’m going to give away to a friend and the others I’m going to try and sell. Who knows if I’ll get rid of any of them, but at least I’m going to give it a shot. I’m going to make them cheap and easy to acquire. Some collages were going for as much as 300 dollars and they’d sold dozens of them. I have no expectation that I’ll sell any of my work.


Amy said…
I would sent one to the Ray Johnson estate.
zzzzzzzz said…
Thanks guys so much...I didn't think of that, I'm going to do it with another one I made but didn't post.

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