Richard Canard is 75 and Here's What He Looks Like

For Richard Canard’s 75th birthday a couple of great minds got together to come up with a way to honor the man, the myth, the pseudonym, Richard Canard. It was all initiated by Marla in Charleston South Carolina. When she asked if I was interested in coming up with a 75th celebration I enthusiastically screamed, “Yes.” Richard has been my mail art guide for years so anyway I can show my appreciation, I do.
First we solicited folks to create something in honor of the man. Folks made stickers, stamps, blank poem sheets, and some amazing stamps. It wasn’t hard to stoke the enthusiasm for the NC native and mail-art original. After collecting some of the physical items, Marla gave me a list of thirty names to mail out packages to and she took about the same. The idea was to send Richard a bunch of items on June 5th, his 75th birthday. One of the items I made was an add-and-return postcard asking folks to fill in what Richard Canard looked like. Here are what these fine folks came up with.
The entries came from and are in order Carina Granlund (Finland), Katerina Nikoultsou (Greece), Lucky Pierre (USA), Mars Tokyo (USA), Mim (USA), Rafael Gonzalez (Spain), Ruud Janssen (Netherlands), Susan McAllister (USA), and Toni Hanner (USA).