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Microsoft Paint Is My Jam

When I’m bored at work, when there’s not much going on or things are done for the day but I need to be in my office seat, I’ll work on mail-art things. Normally I design add and pass sheets, put scanned work here and there, or simply correspond to other mail-artists online. Doing this makes me feel like I’m being creatively productive during the day. And since I’m making the most out of my time, I’m being productive, productive. At the end of the day I end up having my work done and I’ve completed some creative work as well. The day is never a lost one when you’ve done both these things. Grading twenty essays by the of the day doesn’t always feel like a victory. Microsoft Paint has become my go-to for digital editing. I get it, the service isn’t a very good one, it’s crude and silly and doesn’t have all of the ‘bells and whistles’ one would like to have. Photoshop is great, I know this, but it isn’t on my work computer so I use Paint. Stylistically I like the program, I like the cru…

Upstairs Makings

Now that the summer is over for me (when I go back to school then summer is over) I’ve started to shift my focus. For most of the summer I was continually looking at the yard, trying to find things to do down there. Since I was in the yard so much I wasn’t making as many things as I’d like. The summer is over so the transition to mail-art has begun. The upstairs is coming along, it feels right. I’ve got things on the walls and have a short hand for how to work up there. Normally I start work in the evening, and often for an hour or so. It’s too hot in the middle of the day to try and be productive so I wait until it cools down. I don’t think the mobile air-conditioner is that effective in the middle of the day, maybe in the evenings? Either way, because I have the space I’m able to have a few things going at once. I work on this over here and then move to that project, it’s quite perfect. I’m up there making things with the radio on, the fan going, and materials moving around the ro…