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Add and Return Pamphlet from Cooper (Riner VA)


Sending Collages to John Vanderslice

I was sitting at my desk on the last day of the semester. I was a little bored since I had finished all of my work a couple days before. All I had to do was answer angry emails from students and little else. I was also stocking up on some of my more creative endeavors, printing off a few things and thinking about what I was going to work on over the break. Out of the blue I decided I needed to make some John Vanderslice collages, so I printed off some images.
Vanderslice has been my primary musical influence for the better part of two decades. Honestly, I feel that I’m responsible for a very small portion of his fan base. Through my enthusiasm I have spread the man’s gospel to all serious music fans I know. Some of those people have moved away and hopefully told more folks about the music. So…my passion may have spread to a lot of folks that don’t even know it. Maybe they’ve told other people, and so on, and so on, and so on.
I ended up making four 8x10 collages with the same picture. …