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Warhol Never Had It This Easy

For a few years I made collages and then mailed them. Once in a while someone would post an image of the collage that I would then save and upload to my various digital identities. They would sit there; I’d do nothing else with them. They were done and living in someone else’s house.

After a while I started to play around with these more, mostly when I was at work and had a few spare minutes of nothing to do. Most of the time, I take the colorful collages and put them in monochrome, which really brings out the overlapping images into strange shapes. It doesn’t look like the same creation to me. Things pop out that I never noticed before. Then I started adding some color from Microsoft Paint, the thing I had available to me at work. The color would go wherever it wanted. The colors were vibrant and lacked any sort of subtlety in them. I liked how the colors often clashed with one another. Doing things this way was definitely an extension of my already trashy aesthetic. Using terrible t…

9 x 9 Add and Return Block Project

There are only a handful of places that I find myself in a given day. I’m either at work sitting in a classroom or windowless office, I’m at home on the couch or upstairs making things, or I’m out looking for items. I’m a scavenger. Three days out of the week I’m in a thrift store, namely Monday. On Monday I go to five different places in a certain order. I look for old books, records, movies, and any weird piece of trash I can display or make into more trash. If I go “scavenging” for new items, I like off brand dollar stores. You know…the not-Dollar Tree type places, but ones that are somewhat similar. Places with “dollar” in their name that sell junk that stores couldn’t sell elsewhere for a higher price. They’re hard to find but I love them. Mighty Dollar is one of my favorite off brand dollar stores. The one I mainly go to is in Thomasville NC but I’ve also visited the one in Kannapolis a few times. It’s a remainder store, a place that sells stuff worth slightly more than a dollar…


Misty likes themed parties. Our most recent one was an anti-Valentine’s party, or at least that’s what the Facebook invite said. Everyone who was planning on showing up was encouraged to bring valentine’s cards for everyone. When I heard this was the plan, I decided to make cards for each person. Unfortunately I ran out of time so I couldn’t complete personalized cards for each person. I got through six or seven of these. To fill in the rest of the attendees I made somewhat generic cards mostly making fun of myself. As I was working people were saying that they were coming to the party on the Facebook invite. I’d see a new name and then have to come up with something else based on what I already had. I finished them just a couple hours before everyone showed up.

A Trade With RF Cote (Canada)

The vast majority of things that I make I end up sending off to someone, or I throw it on their front porch if they live near me. Only recently have I started to squirrel away a few things. I put most of them in this large plastic bin I have upstairs. I don’t mess with the bin all that often, just toss stuff in it every couple of months and keep it shut. Not only along I noticed that it was starting to get crowded in there and I panicked a little bit. In my head I had images of full storage units that were completely unmanageable, multiple ones strewn about the landscape slowly filling with things I’ve forgotten about. I had recently seen my future so I knew I had to asses my “collections” every once in a while. The bin held about twenty items. I could see patterns in the things I’ve saved over the years. I had an Ice Cube thing in there, a Ray Johnson as a sexy lady, a few smaller collages, some cool abstract ones I’d done in a group of four, and then a bunch of other random things. …