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Old Postcards

I’ve written quite a bit about my great-aunt on this blog in the past. I wrote about how she introduced me to sending postcards (it was her thing) and how a few books she owned made it into my mail-art. Those old books ended up going all over the world. Every time I’d see one of the images posted I’d smile.

Recently a few more items from her possessions made it to me. There was a bunch of old brochures and maps to make into other things. I went through all of the items to see if I could find any gems. Among the many things I found a detailed description of a family trip my great-aunt and uncle went on with her parents, my great-grandparents. They drove all the way to Nova Scotia in 1969. I’ve been to some of the places they stopped on their journey. I also got a nice stack of cancelled stamps and un-cancelled postcards that I’m going to do something with. My great-uncle collected stamps for most of his life. It seems that these stamps were taken off of letters he received and of cours…