Old Postcards

I’ve written quite a bit about my great-aunt on this blog in the past. I wrote about how she introduced me to sending postcards (it was her thing) and how a few books she owned made it into my mail-art. Those old books ended up going all over the world. Every time I’d see one of the images posted I’d smile.

Recently a few more items from her possessions made it to me. There was a bunch of old brochures and maps to make into other things. I went through all of the items to see if I could find any gems. Among the many things I found a detailed description of a family trip my great-aunt and uncle went on with her parents, my great-grandparents. They drove all the way to Nova Scotia in 1969. I’ve been to some of the places they stopped on their journey. I also got a nice stack of cancelled stamps and un-cancelled postcards that I’m going to do something with. My great-uncle collected stamps for most of his life. It seems that these stamps were taken off of letters he received and of course they’ll make it into other projects.

Lastly, and most importantly, I got a pile of papers. Some of the items were newspaper clippings my mom sent to my aunt when she still lived in Philadelphia. There were some letters I’d sent as a young child but most importantly were the postcards I’d mailed them. All of these were sent well before I started to make mail-art. In all there were 25 cards. Some of the cards are pretty cool. Since sending to her started the initial mail-art ball rolling, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few of those here.

Postmark  2001

Postmark 2005

Postmark 2001

Postmark 2001

Postmark 2003


Unknown said…
Love it ! Aunt Caroline would be sooooo proud !!