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Toda-ji Temple Buddha Collages

I went to one of my favorite thrift stores in Winston-Salem, the Salvation Army in front of Parkland high school. It’s my favorite thrift store because it’s so junky. I like the junk. I love piles of garbage to the ceiling. I like how everything ends up with a price tag whether it’s broken, or expired. You can always find something interesting at a junk thrift store, the junkier the better.
The section I go to first is the piles of books in the very back in front of the toilets. The books there are in a kind of purgatory, they just sit there until that old lady wheels them out to the front. This same lady does the exact same work at the Habitat for Humanity store. I guess she’s a book organizer for hire. Not a particularly nice lady, she’s kind of stern and rarely smiles, but she’s in charge of large piles of paper so I appreciate her work. I’ve seen her at that Salvation Army for years, maybe six or seven…maybe more?
Namely I look for old books. Books that I can reuse a few images fr…

An Old Collage Becomes a New Collage


Ian MacKaye On Checks Glued to Board

It’s taken me seven years to realize that I can run off color copies in one of the classrooms. It’s a really “doh” type of moment. I’ve printed things in the classrooms before but never thought to use color paper. That’s why my creations have such a long gestation time, without any background or obvious common sense, it take me a while to put everything together. Basically what I’m doing is making a lot of old collages new again by printing them on strange paper, and adding them to a new context. Since I can print at such a high volume, I have started to go throughout my house to pick out random stacks of computer paper. There’s a lot, of course. Things just collect and slowly but surely I find a use for them.

One of these things I found in my many stacks, were checks that you could print on. I have no idea why I had these? I put them in my bag and they made their way to school. Right before class starts I put in my paper, and then print off a few things. Randomly I printed an old Ian…