Made With Susanna Lakner

The work resting on what looks like a very comfortable couch.

I made the faces on the right and sent them as postcards.
A few months ago (maybe six months ago) Susanna Lakner in Germany asked me for some materials. She’d seen a couple images I had done with random dictators, primarily of the North Korean variation. These were juxtaposed with the newly elected American president, or at least inspired by him. She wanted copies of the images and whatever ephemera I had laying around. Being that I have immense respect for Susanna, I immediately collected the materials and sent them to her.

I distinctly remember sending her a bunch of leftover pieces from my most recent tape-rip endeavors. Mostly I sent her the cut off bits of tape from around postcards that tend to collect at the top of my trashcan. I like using these as much as I can. So often a lot of projects meld together in one impromptu tape collage. Sometimes I pick apart the pieces and then add them to current works and other times I make standalone and spare collages out of the garbage. “None of the animal” goes to waste. I put all of these things in a few separate envelopes to save on postage, and then mailed them to Susanna. When she got the materials she said it was exactly what she was looking for. This was the last I’d heard from her about the project, one she said she was asked to complete for a gallery. I forget about sending her my portion of the project.

Let me back up, Susanna’s work is a constant inspiration to me. I have more than once stolen ideas directly from her. I think she’s amazing. When I read the message that she wanted to do a collaborative project with me, I likened it to a punk band being asked to open for their idols.  You know, bands just getting started, not yet ready for the primetime being legitimized by the big dogs…yeah, that’s what I felt like.

Out of the blue I got an email from Susanna. The subject line read “Themenausstellung -DAS NEUE BRAUN.” I have no idea what that means? The body of the message read “Susanna Lakner (D), Jon Foster (USA): Presidenten 2017v42 x 93 cm Papier Collage auf Holzfaserplatte” and was accompanied by the two images I’ve posted here. I think it looks great. I’m thankful to Susanna for asking me to supply some bits. I wish I could see it hanging on a wall. Anyway, so excited.


Planet Susannia said…
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Planet Susannia said…
Hi Jon!
Our collaborative work will be exhibit at February 23 2018 in the Gallery Zero Arts in Stuttgart/ Germany. The titel of the project is:
"Blue is the New Brown". Exhibition against neopopulism.
The picture is 16.5 x 36,6 inch.
I´m very glad about our collab!
Pamela Gerard said…
Wow, Jon -- how cool is that? I love her work too and I wish i could see the piece in the show. Congrats to you both.
Planet Susannia said…
Thank you, Pamela! :-)

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