Buying Scraps - Scrap Exchange Durham NC

One of the more fun things associated with mail-art, or at least the mail-art that I create, is the acquisition of “things.” Since my creations call for old magazines and bits of paper, I somehow have to find these things. It’s rather easy to acquire bits considering how often I go to thrift stores, but they often lack the “good stuff.” I like old paper and strange pictures which isn’t as easy to find as I’d like. Not sure where I found out about the Scrap Exchange in Durham, but I was glad I did. I went there for the first time a couple months ago with my Stef and returned last week before a show in Raleigh. This time I was by myself and had a lot of time to look through things. I spent almost two hours in the place.
These are the things that I purchased. I got a lot of stickers and clear industrial sticky things. I found some pictures as well as a lot of cool envelopes that were rather old. I bought a few stamps and random ephemera. All of my stuff cost less than twenty dollars. I want to go back and I haven’t even used the items I just purchased.


Anonymous said…
Good thing we don't have a place like that here (that I know of, and I'm not going to look!). I find my stuff at estate sales. I love to go through the office supplies - I've found some cool old mailing labels and stickers.

Looks like you got a good haul - and $20 for the entertainment of time spent and materials acquired is awesome!
zzzzzzzz said…
Hey, thanks for posting a comment. I don't go to estates sales and the like enough, actually rarely at all. I need to start going.

Oh the office supplies are my favorite by far. I'm not really into the crafty things so I generally look for odd bits of paper. Need to figure out something to do with fabric since that seems to be quite plentiful.

For twenty dollars it's a great haul. If you're ever in the area you should really go.

Thanks for saying hello
Anonymous said…
the Scrap Exchange does send/ship items, I think they post on Etsy.Or I'm sure you can email via their website at and ask/purchase a scrap paper pack/grab bag. No telling what treasures you'll get. They often have other items listed too..... have fun!
Unknown said…
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