Friday, November 9, 2012

Sent to De Villo Sloan et. al. (NY)

I’ve enjoyed doing the whole Nostrils thing and I’ve really enjoyed pairing the Nostrils thing with mail-art. I thought it was important to have a response card with the initial CD that was sent around the world. I ended up receiving twenty or twenty-five cards with suggestions for new songs. (I really need to scan these and post what everyone wrote). It was a fun project that people seem to get a giggle from. The only thing that I wanted to know from those I sent the CD to, especially the ones out of the country was which jokes they didn’t understand. Maybe this was kind of hard to explain to someone I didn’t know very well or at all. I wanted to know what mystified them, what confused them, or something of the sort. Maybe the whole thing confused them, I’m not too sure. If folks got a giggle out of it, then it was a success and if they didn’t it was something in the mail that wasn’t bills. I’ve already amassed about fifty songs for the next one but I’m going to wait about a year to send that one out. Not going to advertise that I’ve finished the thing, it will just show up in peoples’ mailboxes…with more postcards.
Each one of these cards that I had made up came equipped with a sticker on the other side. I really wish that I had someone who would make stickers for me. I like stickers but they take a long time to complete and they’re a little expensive. I gotta work on this. The slogan on the back of the sticker as one that I’ve said a lot as it pertains to the “band” and I feel it’s somewhat true. Nostrils could be your life, or at least your connection to my idiot creations.
Not sure who exactly posts on this site, but this is where I got the images from. Great site, you should check it out.

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