Sent To Cheryl P. (South Africa)

Here’s more evident of the sticker collages that I sent around the world. It’s somewhat like the last one. I think I did these in two different batches which could help explain the slight differences in appearance. This particular card I sent to a longtime mail-art pal, Cheryl Penn in South Africa. The fact that I can send stuff to Africa, and someone will enjoy that little piece of nothing, is a phenomenal feeling. Someone on that continent has actually touched something that I’ve created…that blows me away every single time. Also, her work is amazing, some of the best mail art stuff out there…she has a style that is instantly recognizable.
Over a month ago, a couple friends designed the iconic Blag Flag logo with Winston buildings as the bars. Although I’ve seen this done for a million different things from cats as the bars, to even the Seinfeld characters, I loved the Winston angle. I loved it so much that I immediately had a large stack of stickers made up. I didn’t design the logo; I just paid for the stickers. Now I have to get a bunch of my friends to follow my facebook directions and message me their mailing address.