Sent to Amy Irwen (Minnesota USA)

At this point I’ve sent out close to a thousand cards and bits of what not. I realize that I have a style and have been struggling to go a little further with the things I create. At the same time I feel this; I also love the process and only want to elaborate on it. Since I came rather late to making stuff I feel that all of the things I’ve made so far, is just practice. I feel like a sophomore in high school, just discovering an ability to do something with their hands. Maybe it’s this reason that I haven’t really kept anything at all that I’ve made. Only in the past couple of months have a stockpiled a few things, even if those things are starting to leave. What I have here is more of the same, except with dogs. I’ve realized the whole process only changes based on the images I find. Good images equal interesting cards…sometimes. This card is limited in focus but I think it turned out pretty well. I think I did a bunch of cat ones like this too.