Work Mail Art Book Thingy

Here’s my work office. I’m organized, I know…pretty boring. Over on the right hand side you will find the little book that I put stuff into. A couple months ago I decided to start making a few things at work, in my downtime. Mostly I add bits of things that I find when I’m waiting for my late classes to start. Trying to make something instead of playing on the internet for another hour or two, felt like a better way to use my time-be a little creative…make something. The book is pretty sparse since I don’t have any paint, or really any coloring devices. I think I’m going to take it home over the break and put color all over.
In one of my desk drawers, I keep bits of things that I find around school. More often than not I end up tearing up the boxes my lunch comes in. A school is a great place for collecting lots of paper.
Here’s one of the group of pages. This is my ode to Jawbreaker…get it?
And another page, some repurposed stickers and bits of garbage. Why is gluing things down or taping them to a blank piece or paper so much fun?