Sent to Carmela Rizzuto (Sunnyvale CA)

It seems that I've sent three cards to Carmela in the past few weeks. Not sure how that's happend, but totally ok. We must have lost ourselves in a nice feedback loop that moves mail directly from my house to hers and then back again. I'm happy that she scans everything and posts it since I've only seen one other card that had all the stickers on it. Today I have some time, maybe I shall make a few things and mail them out tomorrow? That's gonna happen, new mail goes out to everyone, especially to those that I owe something to. I've gotten a little far behind with mailing of late so it'll be my job to catch back up both today and this coming weekend. New things shall arise! Maybe I'll send another one to Carmela?


Carmela said…
Yes, Jon
Please send another when you have the time!